Tailored Automobile Valeting
Welcome to the Grime2Shine website!
Grime2Shine is a well established, experienced, and well equipped mobile valeting service, offering the following (please see the services page for more details):
Grime2Shine operates from Basingstoke, Hampshire, and covers a radius of around 20 miles around the town.

I prefer to take on informal contract arrangements with other businesses, but enquiries from private individuals in Basingstoke and its outlying areas are always welcome.
At the age of 17 and while studying at college, I needed to earn cash in order to raise enough money for the trip to Australia that I yearned for. I took on a part-time job with a local car valeting company, and so gained useful experience. It quickly became clear that there was a hungry demand for the service but few supplying it - and it was work that I enjoyed undertaking.

I would gain further skills and experience by valeting for Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships. I soon found that I had a strong desire to 'be my own boss' and become self-employed, so after finishing my college studies, I wasted no time in doing so!

In 2000, I became a sole trader and quickly built a substantial and stable customer base - Grime2Shine was established.
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